We’re here to make things easier for you.

Make supplements great again

Plein is creating the health essentials for the modern men and women, which traditional healthcare doesn't provide.

We created Plein to simplify supplements, by upgrading the dosage form and making them more portable, and delightful.





Knowledge is part of the package. Objective research results on our active ingredients are available on the web site, giving you the power to make decisions on what is best for you. We promise to deliver safe and honest products. And: We will always encourage you to get the nutrients you need from food. But when you can’t, take our supplements.


No complex products, pills to swallow, loud colors or silly buzzwords here. We keep it pared-down.


We deliver simple, high quality products through efficient sourcing in our value chain. Our goal is to deliver the most effective within health tech innovations.


Who We Are

The Plein team brings together people passionate about: health care innovations, personal health and wellness, design, technology, e-commerce, and convenience... in no specific order. We build products we want to take. We also make products for our kids, sisters, brothers, friends and parents. We can assure you quality.

We believe in the power of technology, science, and human empathy to make simple health care simpler.


No B.S.

We're committed to evidence-based products. We are not about pseudoscience and half-truths. Plein products are simple, effective, and backed by science.

For those with a healthy curiosity about managing your health, learn more about how supplements can help with your health goals.

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